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Why Do We Recommend Removing Lash Extensions in the Salon?

Updated: May 9

If you are considering removing eyelash extensions, it is best to have them professionally removed by a trained technician to avoid damaging your natural lashes. Self-removal can lead to unwanted lash loss or injury.

You did not have time to make it back for an infill?

You decided you will take a break from extensions?

Or simply your therapist was fully booked so you needed to wait longer?


We do not recommend removing your extensions at home, by yourself. There is few reasons why!

We know you think it will be easy as you have only few left.

But sorry to disappoint you, unfortunately those are going to be difficult. If your application was classic extensions it might be easier than someone who had mega volume lashes as we use more glue with that application.

When removing lashes you would probably rub your eyes too much and also pull out or break your natural lashes: "and then blame your therapist for how bad your lashes are now."


If you do decide to go ahead and remove them at home there is a Home kit removal you could purchase online or you can simply use virgin coconut butter.

The process will be slow and you will have to be patient with it. When applying coconut butter on your eyes, leave it there to rest for 5-10 min and then slowly rub your eyelashes to feel it coming off. You can do one eye first or you can do both at the same time.

This will be slow and messy as butter will go down your face, so use some cotton pads to protect your face and put your hair away from your face.



The main reason why we recommend removing your lashes professionally is because it is quicker, easier and safer.

First of all we will use under eye patches and apply the cream remover just on your eyelashes. We will not apply any product on your skin to create any irritation. This can be tricky if you just got your extensions freshly done and you want to remove them. We would then put some cling film over the product and after a few minutes start removing extensions from your natural lashes. The process is pain free.

Your eyes will be closed the whole time, so you do not get any product in your eye and we will lash bath your eyes when it is done.

If your extensions were freshly done and you want to remove them for whatever reason this will take longer and might be slightly uncomfortable.

  • The reason why is, because extensions are placed very close to your eyelids and in order for us to soften the glue we need to come to the base of where the extension was placed.

  • Another reason why you should not be doing this at home as you will just end up with a product in your eyes, not removing any lashes and just creating bigger irritation or even infection.

It is not ideal for any therapist removing freshly done extensions as it is stressful for you as a client and also for a therapist. Most common reason freshly done extensions are normally removed is because a client developed an allergy reaction so removing them is necessary.



  • Some clients do a removal that follows a fresh set. This normally is with clients who did not manage to come for an infill after cc.4 weeks or have done lashes elsewhere.

  • Others come for a removal to perhaps have a break. As in this case you will not have extensions on, you can use castor oil on that evening just to nourish your lashes and lash area.

Clients who remove their extensions due to allergy reaction will decide based on how bad the reaction is. If the reaction was so bad that you needed to seek doctors assistance you will follow their guidance.

If the swelling after removing lashes was mild you can give your eyelids some love. Use a fresh cut cucumber and place it on your eyelids or boil camomile tea and with using cotton pads place it on your eyelids. This will help with the redness and calming down your eyelids.

If your eyelashes feel very damaged you can use some castor oil or after a few days start using an eyelash growth serum. If you have never used it before and you tend to be sensitive, do a patch test before just to be on a safe side as you do not want to trigger any more irritation on your eyes.

We are not doctors and do not be your own doctor either.

If something feels unusual in your eyes and you do not know what it is, speak with your GP. It costs you nothing to ask and get that confirmation on how to treat your eye. It might be just hay fever or you might just be stressed.

Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body so whatever it is it will heal very quickly.


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