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Our story starts with our founder Edvina Dedic. 
With over nine years of specialised experience in lash and brow treatments, Edvina is a seasoned professional. In 2014, she became one of Slovenia's early adopters of eyelash extensions, opening her first studio to elevate beauty standards and meet the growing demand for beauty treatments. Edvina's passion deepened with years of experience and a diverse background, including working with renowned celebrities. She has pursued extensive training in the UK and Slovenia, earning numerous certifications. Edvina is not only recognised for her expertise in performing over 10,000 sets of eyelash extensions with bespoke designs but also for her commitment to sharing knowledge and helping other professionals develop their skills via Award in Education & Training.
Known for its bespoke eyelash treatments and brow services, this salon has established itself as a leader in the industry.

  • Beauty Escape London official Finalist for Best Classic Eyelash Set at LashAwards 2022

  • Beauty Escape London official Winner of London Regional Best Eyelash Salon in London 2022 at GBbeautyawards

  • Beauty Escape London official TOP10 as Highly recommend Rising Star 2023 at HBA2023 

  • Beauty Escape London is officially Finalists for Eyelash Specialist of the year 2023 at GBbeautyawards 

  • Beauty Escape London has been featured on Your Beauty Pantry  Blog NYC about their #1 seller Brow sculpt Defy brows

  • Beauty Escape London has been featured in Mayfair life magazine May 2023

  • Beauty Escape London has been featured in Beauty Blog October 2023

  • Beauty Escape London is Top 5 Best lash specialist of the year 2023 at GBbeautyawards 

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