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Understanding the Different Eyelid Types: Monolid vs. Hooded Eyelids

Updated: May 9

Not long ago we have asked our clients and our followers on Instagram if they know what are Monolid eye shape.

The results came out and look like we to need to educate on this topic!

We will explain more into details What are the difference between monolid and hooded eyes.

We will also guide you what kind of lash extensions you should go for!

Reminder: No one eye shape is better than another! Hooded eyes, monolids, and anything in between are all beautiful!



Monolidsis a colloquial way to describe eyes that appear to have one eyelid fold rather than a double lid.

Monolids are formed by a piece of skin on the eyelid that runs from the nose to the eyebrow and gives the eyelid the appearance of having no crease.

Monolids, which have no crease, are common in people of East Asian descent, particularly Chinese or Korean heritage. Without a crease, monolids appear as just one section. About half of Asians have a monolid.



Hooded eyelids have a fold of skin that partially (or sometimes fully) covers the eyelid. If you have hooded eyelids, you may not be able to see your lid when you look straight into a mirror. The extra skin can be observed folding downwards from the brow bone towards the lash line. The eyes tend to appear smaller than normal due to this.

Still do not know is this your eye shape? Here is a guide that can help you deep deeper into your eye features and help you.



You want to open up hooded lids and break through a heavy lash line so you will need a stronger curve to achieve this look.

We recommend going for classic C curl, more dramatic D curl or very popular L or M curl. Before you decide on your shape based on your research still communicate this with your therapist that can advise what will suit you best and reach your expectations.

This gives clients the flexibility to choose their preferred style, whether it is a more open-eyed look, a cat-eye effect, a natural shape, or even a more dramatic transformation.

At Beauty Escape London we stock all curls mentioned, but most salons don't. So make sure you get all the informations you need and that trust that they can deliver your wishes.



When it comes with length this varies between clients. Everyone has different wishes and desired look. Most clients will come with no idea what they want and you will have to guide them or they will be already well prepared.


Dramatic, long and thick lashes can in most cases look too heavy and can make your eyes look smaller. Instead, choose lashes that are shorter and more natural-looking.

As a client you can still choose to go for cat-eye look if that is preferred look you want but most popular style are slightly longer in the middle as we can create an illusion of depth and open your eyes.


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