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"How to Choose the Right Eyelash Extension Curl for Your Desired Look"

Updated: May 9

It is easy to understand the importance of lash extension curls, then comes the personal style or requirement.

There here is at least 13 different curls on the market, but we will cover the most popular ones so you can explore what style you like and maybe try a new one too!


While not being too-curly, ‘B’ curls can make straight lashes look point up. 

Basically, ‘B’ softly lifts those with straight lashes.

Compared to other common curls like J or C, the B curl is less dramatic than the C curl but offers more lift than the J curl. It is often chosen for clients who want a soft, natural enhancement to their lashes without an overly dramatic appearance.

The B curl is a versatile choice that can work well with various eye shapes and lash styles.

We can also use this type of curl for the inner side of the eyes and carry out with C curl depending on your style asked for.



The standard curl used by most lash techs is the ‘C’ curl. It is perfect for those with average curls because it helps to open up the eyes. 

It is one of the most popular curls because it adds a dramatic but natural-looking uplift to the eyelashes. This type of curl is ideal for creating an open-eye effect and is often used in glamour or volume sets. The C curl is more curved than the B curl but less dramatic than the D curl, making it a versatile choice for various lash extension styles and eye shapes. It is commonly used to achieve a lifted, lively appearance without being overly intense.

So your natural eyelashes are straight? This is perfect for opening your eyes and getting that bright alert look.



The CC curl in lash extensions is favored by those who want a stronger lift and curl compared to the C curl. It is a great choice for clients seeking a bit more flair in their lash extensions without going to the extreme levels of the D.

We love CC curl as it is a unique style that offers a good curl and it is not as curled as D, but higher than C.

It is designed to give a noticeable lift and a more defined, dramatic curl to the lash extensions. This curl is ideal for clients seeking a bold and eye-catching appearance without being overly exaggerated. The CC curl creates an open-eye effect, making it a popular choice for those wanting a glamorous, lifted look.



D curl in lash extensions is a type of curvature that creates a dramatic lift, offering a bold and striking look. Among the common curl types, D curl is one of the most pronounced, designed to give a noticeable, eye-catching lift to the eyelashes.

It is often chosen by clients who desire a more glamorous and intense effect, making it ideal for special occasions or those who prefer a more dramatic appearance in their everyday look.

D curl helps to create a wide-eyed effect, which can be particularly flattering for individuals with naturally straight or downward-pointing lashes.

These curls are often used for the dramatic style of eyes but different sizes can be mixed and softer look can come even from this curl.



An L curl in lash extensions is a type of curvature characterized by a sharp, angular bend that resembles the shape of the letter "L." This unique curl design offers a dramatic lift, particularly at the base, followed by a relatively straight extension.

The L curl is often used for clients with naturally straight or downward-pointing lashes, as it provides a distinct upward lift, making it ideal for achieving a wide-eyed, open look. On straight lashes, L curl can widen the look of your eyes although they are not ideal for lashes that are angled downward or upward. Great choice if you have deep-set or hooded eyes as it can create a lift-effect.

Because of its angular shape, the L curl can be especially useful for creating a cat-eye effect or adding significant volume and length to the lash line without compromising the overall appearance of the eyes. It's also a good choice for those who wear glasses, as the sharp upward angle reduces the chance of the extensions rubbing against lenses.


Making a decision what kind of lashes is not easy, you can always try different sets and see which one you like best.

Different curls can be mixed to create desired look as for example wispy look or dramatic cat-eye, so explain to your therapist and showing examples will avoid disappointment in the end!

Do bear in mind pictures of someone else's face will not look the same on yours. What suits someone else might not suit you.

The trick is not to study everything about lash extensions that is something your therapist should know, but sure is a bonus having an idea what is on the market.


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