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The Ultimate Guide to Classic Eyelash Extensions: What Are They and How Do They Compare to Other Types?

Updated: May 9

Classic lash extensions offer an alternative solution by complementing and enhancing the client's existing features while maintaining a natural look.

It is important to consider personal preferences when choosing which style of classic lash extension best suits each individual's needs based on factors such as age or occasion.


The classic set or individual 1:1 set involves applying one extension to each natural lash, resulting in a natural and subtle enhancement. The process begins with a thorough consultation to understand the client's desired look and determine the appropriate length and curl for their lashes. 


  •  During application, a single synthetic mink lash is carefully attached to each individual natural lash using specialised adhesive. It is essential to add only one extension per lash to perform this technique.


  •  When it comes to eyelash thicknesses used in this application, there are several options available. Commonly used thicknesses include 0.12, 0.15, 0.20, and even 0.25 millimeters (mm).

Thicker lashes may be preferred by some salons despite industry trends favouring thinner options, because we want to maintain the longevity of their lash extensions and preserve the health of their natural lashes.

When considering getting eyelash extensions, there are several factors that should be taken into account such as an individual's natural lash count which can vary due to genetic factors or age-related changes leading some areas (e.g., front/end corners) having fewer lashes than others. Additionally, it is worth exploring other types of eyelash extensions such as volume sets (2/3d) which involve applying multiple extensions to each natural lash for a more voluminous effect.



Classic lash extensions have become increasingly popular in the field of beauty, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their natural lashes with various styles and effects. 

Among these styles we can argue, but the most natural look I believe can be achieved with soft 2D lashes.

Unlike other lash extension styles, soft 2D lashes create a more settled appearance, avoiding a spiky effect that can sometimes make extensions appear too artificial. This style is deal for clients who prefer a softer enhancement to their lashes while still maintaining a natural look.

Classic lash extensions are also suitable for clients with naturally full-natural volume but maybe straight or pale lashes - who wish to enhance their appearance without relying solely on mascara.


Lengths are bespoke chosen based on your vished end look.

We should discuss about the advantages of selecting a lash style that closely resembles one's natural lashes.

Highlight factors such as comfort, adaptability, and ease of maintenance. 

Each style has special attributes that make it a great choice depending on your particular eye shape.

There are more options that some might list but these are our top 4 styles

  •  Cat eye is a style in which we use longer lashes at the end and create an "eyeliner look".

  •  Doll eye is a style where we apply longer lashes in the middle, to "open your eyes" more.

  •  Natural is completely following your natural lashes.

  •  Wispy set is where we mix a few longer ones in between or all over.

Classic eyelashes involve the application of one extension to each natural lash. This technique offers a straightforward yet versatile look. By beginning with a natural set, clients have the flexibility to explore different styles gradually. This approach ensures the health of their natural lashes while allowing for customization over time. Additionally, it provides valuable insights for technicians to better understand and meet individual preferences.


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