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Is Brow Sculpt the New Holy Grail of Eyebrow Products?

Updated: May 9

At Beauty Escape London we offer our clients Brow lamination treatment. But what happens to those who do not wish to have one or they are allergic to the product or you simply do not want brow lamination?

Alternative to Brow lamination

As we have mentioned we offer this treatment at the salon and if you are one of those clients who are unsure about the end look of brow lamination, this is the perfect way to get reassurance about your end look with the treatment.

Brow lamination is a chemical procedure that cannot be redone sooner before 6 weeks! So if you are one of those clients that your hair starts to get unruly sooner before you can book your next appointment, here is your solution. 

We are still huge fans of Brow lamination, but we had to make something for our sensitive or still unsure clients!


What is Brow sculpt?

This is a uniquely developed concept and formula, the perfect balance between a wax and a gel. Small amount goes a long way!

Brow sculpt gel is a versatile product that suits many different needs, from providing a simple hold to creating a fuller, more defined look. It can be used alone or in combination with other brow products, depending on the desired effect.


Who is this product for?

Our vegan and cruelty free formula is suitable for all skin types.

Brow sculpt gel is suitable for a wide range of people, includin:

- Those with Unruly Brows: If your brow hairs tend to be unruly or difficult to manage, brow sculpt gel can help you achieve a tidy, well-groomed appearance.

- People with Sparse Brows: Using the gel can fill in sparse areas and create the illusion of fuller brows.

- Anyone Seeking Defined Brows: If you want to shape and define your brows with a long-lasting hold, brow sculpt gel is a great option.

- Those Who Prefer a Natural Look: Clear brow gels provide hold and structure without adding colour, ideal for those who want a subtle, natural appearance.


How to use the product?

Start by (optional) penciling your eyebrows for more if needed definition.

Use the double ended brush that allows you to comb and shape your brows for a subtle everyday look, or brush up and set for a fuller brow.  

Just a small amount is needed to transform and place your brow in place. Gently press down with the brush to set hairs in place.

How do I take off the product?

Water resistant and flake-free, the sculpt will keep your brows set until washed out with some soap and water. Follow up by using Foam cleanser.

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